Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: an experience of innocence

A friend and I took our children out for a quick stint of trick-or-treating tonight. Her son was bundled and energetic, dressed as an alligator. I dressed my daughter as an angel complete with a glittering halo and wide, toothy grin.

We began our trek by stopping across the street. The kids held out their bags, cheerfully yelled "trick or treat!", and smiled up at us as candy slid into their bags. Once we were back onto the street and walking toward the next house, my daughter said "that was fun, ma! thank you!" It was obvious she thought we were finished with our adventure and was more than excited to head home with her candy and call it a night. When I explained that we planned to visit a few more houses to get MORE candy, her eyes grew wide and she asked " we get to do it again?!"

In that moment, I experienced childlike innocence and enthusiasm enough to bring tears to my eyes. We grow to expect over and above what we need the older we get. I love the simplicity and generosity of that moment with my daughter.

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