Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Music for the Soul:Woodsong

Over the last week or so, we've been exploring new music: Feist, Bon Iver, Craig Cardiff.  And over the summer, we returned to our favorite grassroots music festival called Woodsong Music Festival.   

We camped for 4 days beneath the Westcoast cedars and pines. And listened to almost non-stop live music. The kids enjoyed the Art Tent and created beautiful things: birdhouses, painted rocks, beaded jewelry. Each night, they showed an outdoor movie on the screen; families nestled together in fleece blankets and sipped on hot cocoa and spiced tea.  

This was our third summer at Woodsong, and we recognized return visitors, exclaimed at "how much the kids have grown!" and generally reconnected with ourselves, eachother and new faces I look forward to seeing next year.

Burke and Barbara Thomas are the creators of Woodsong. 11 years ago, they decided to open their gorgeous piece of paradise land up for an honour-system based music event.  They don't charge and they trust guests to camp responsibly, pick up after ourselves and donate funds out of the goodness of our hearts. They go to incredibly effort to make it memorable and extremely well done.  We love it.  Each morning, they offer a potluck-topping breakfast.  For lunch and dinners, we all bring our own concoctions to cook on the fleet of outdoor cooking equipment already set up for us.

I highly recommend Woodsong. It is a good-for-the-soul weekend that captures the heart of Woodstock and other music festivals, but without the drugs and junk that we wouldn't want our kids around.  Perfect combo, in my opinion.

19-I am thankful for the uninhibited way my son sings like Bob Dylan
20-The chocolate covered almonds on sale at Sav-On Foods today.
21-The sound of the ticking clock in a quiet (kids asleep!!) house tonight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Full Summer Rapids

I came to this familiar space to begin again this morning. And I feel slightly overwhelmed by all the catching up I need to do.  I will begin with a list, and I will slowly (over the next month or so) work through the various events of the summer, sprinkled between the daily reflections.

Woodsong Music Festival
The Feast Collective
Toronto and International Film Festival
Boston Convention
Los Angeles Recording
Summit Learning Center
Raw Food Diet Adjustments
A Hospital Move

Most of this happened in August and early September! Can we say "plate too full?" Oh my.

More to come.