Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Proceed with Confidence

This morning, as I ruffled myself awake and slinked from our toasty-warm, down comforter-covered bed, I smelled snow. I opened the front door with a quick inhale as a blast of frigid air stung my chapped lips and sleepy eyes. I was wearing my favorite winter pajamas (NOT my husband's favorite): a full length pair of grey, long underwear, complete with a trap door out back. But even fully covered, my whole body felt the chill in an instant.

After a long drink of water, I shivered into my favorite workout clothes and braved the fresh powder. The drive in was fine; no slipping, sliding or swerving. But as I turned my nose toward home I felt a slight flutter of nervousness as I gazed up the steep hills I would need to conquer. Our town is very hilly and we live on the northeast hill at the base of an even higher hill.

I decided to just go for it. I gunned it toward the bottom so that I could gain enough speed to keep my momentum and hopefully make it to the crest of the hill. I made it. As another incline loomed up before me, I gunned it again and kept my hands steady on the wheel.

It was an exhilirating experience, and reminded me of many things in my life where I have to choose to proceed with confidence and swift precision, despite my fear.

I remember a while back, my sister-in-law and I were making candles together. We had melted a large chunk of wax in a medium saucepan and once it was liquid, we had to pour it into another smaller glass container. My sister-in-law said something like: "pour quickly and with confidence" and it worked. If I slowed down and grew afraid that I would spill, it drizzled down the side and all over my stovetop, an annoying thing when it's wax. But if I tipped it with one determined movement, it filled the glass without a single lost drop.

An English professor from University used to say: "Carry on, bravely." And again, this is a reminder to keep going, one foot in front of the other, with confidence. I am thankful today for this reminder to MOVE and act, despite and TO SPITE, natural fear.

(photo: courtesy of Flickr)

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