Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our Cherished Ones

This is one of my favorite shots of Soul-Baby and Alley-oop. It was taken on the back porch of my parent's desert home in Tucson, Arizona.

I love how they are heartwarmingly loving and affectionate with one another. I told my husband this morning, that sweet Alley reminds me of a sheep dog. She is always concerned with Soul-Baby's needs and she circles round him, protecting and moving him along, connecting him to what we are doing. Whenever I offer her a snack or to read her a book, she looks up with wide eyes and asks "What about Soulie, Mama? Can he have one too, can he come with us?" And Soul-Baby loves his big sister and watches her every move. I've nearly dropped him because of the force with which he whirls his head around to follow his sister as she dances or skips from room to room.

The other day as we were eating lunch, Alley looked up and asked, "How long can we keep Soulie, mama?" My eyes immediately stung with tears as I explained that he is a FOREVER gift to us, that he is a part of our family FOREVER. I was amazed by how fiercely I wanted to say the word FOREVER again and again. I was overwhelmed with love for this little angel in our life, who asks the questions that remind me of my essence, my priorities, my desire to live out FOREVER vows with my husband and my family.


oacemama said...

Your children are just beautiful, and you write about them in such a warm way. I love watching my little ones interact and love on each other like that also.

I might just have to save your blog to my favs...I was told to come and visit you by rach at intricate simplicity.


elizabeth said...

ah/awe the picture is incredible. she has your eyes i think and S your husbands; so the picture seems to me...

A. seems so grown up; blessings on them... many many blessings...


Sandra said...

Wow, you made my heart melt as i share that same intense feeling of just WANTING FOREVER with my family. i started balling. which is what I've been doing all day for some reason. My baby boy is just growing leaps and bounds faster than i thought possible. i'm relishing the moments we have together, but am astonished he is 6 months old this week!!!AGGG.

As we journey this road that's sometimes rocky it's fun I find to keep treading the path day our paths as husband/wife/family will be so intertwined there will be nothing rocky or tumbly left, just a well trodden path that guides us to eachothers' hearts and arms as we hum along beside eachother to Heaven's Gates!!!