Sunday, January 13, 2008

Exploring Heaven

Alley: "Mama, where is Annie's dog Jack? Where do dogs go when they die like Jack died?"

Mama: "Well, I believe that God has a special heaven for dogs, where they can be well cared for and at peace. What do you believe?"

Alley: "That's just what I think, too, Mama. Because dogs are the best. And God loves them so much. And God made them, so He wants them to be with him in heaven. And what about Smokey Bear? Is he in heaven, too? Cuz he died too and God loves Smokey Bear."

Mama: "Yes, there's a good chance Smokey Bear is right where Jack is."

**fast forward a few WEEKS**

On Tuesday, we were driving into Abbotsford for our MOPS group. On the way, we picked up an older friend named Rosina who helps with the childcare. While in the car, Alley started asking questions about her kitty cat, her 4-year-old granddaughter, what flowers she will plant in her garden this Spring.

All of a sudden she asked, "Rosina? Where is your husband?" Rosina replied that he had "passed on" a long time ago. Alley's eyes became huge and round. "You mean he died?!" And with a smile spreading slowly over her face, she said " that means he is in heaven with Jack and Smokey Bear!"

And yesterday, along this theme of death and heaven, Alley asked "Mama, when I go to heaven, can I open my eyes?"
I replied "Yes! You can open your eyes! And what do you think you will see?"
"Oh Mama! I will see God's eyes and nose! Can you and Daddy and Solomon open your eyes too?"
When I replied "yes", she begged me to call Bry on my cell phone to make sure he would open his eyes. When I put the phone down, she asked "Did he say Yes, Mama? Did he? Did he?!"

I have thought about this a few times since. It is so beautiful to me. Almost heartbreaking. And I realize that her childlike heart is able to grasp the hope of heaven. There is no hope in dying, if I don't believe I will have a chance to open my eyes on the other side. What do I hope to see?
This beautiful moment with Alethea (my child of truth) has carried me this week, as I go about the dailyness.


leah j said...

Selah is like that too. Micha's mom died Dec 6th, and every so often she will talk about Grandma being "up, up in heaven". She understands we are happy that Grandma is happy and seeing Jesus, but that we miss her.

Can't wait to go up up to heaven!

Krista said...

that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this story

Dawn said...

What a beautiful story. My eyes are brimmed with happy tears!

Sam said...

That's awesome Kelly. Alley's such an amazing kid.

MamaMonk said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments. I am so glad that you each stopped by for a read and visit-- Thank you--

Origami Angel said...

I found you through Matt & Sara...I'm lurking around today, but this post caught my breath and now I have tears in my eyes thinking of how awesome that kind of faith is...and exactly the kind of faith that God desires for all of us to have. What a precious daughter you have! Be blessed, Kristy

eric said...

Hi Mama Monk, I'm a friend of Tamie's, just passing through. Just wanted to thank you for sharing this lovely story, it really made my day. Sometimes children can see things so much clearer than we...