Saturday, November 15, 2008

Know Thyself

I've been asking myself questions. Some of the questions have arrived uninvited. And others are part of my desire to become more mindful of my motives, feelings and reactions. Here are a few:

*If you had to think of one word that would be a great complement to you, what would it be?

*What is a new hobby or interest you would like to incorporate into your life in the next year?

*What is a belief you held 5 years ago that you no longer hold?

*What do you feel is your unique gift to the world?

Asking myself questions, opens a part of my soul with the same intensity that glimpsing this picture evokes. I am free to change, to grow and to become more of my true self. In this picture of St. Francis, I sense a man who feels fully freed by his Creator to let his soul fly.



The Reading Challenge said...

I'm really glad you're blogging again.

Do you think you might share some of the answers to those questions?

RW said...

These are some good questions!

tamie said...

um....just wanted to say that "the reading challenge" is me. :)

Jennifer said...

These are excellent questions. I'm much more focused on my motivations than I use to be. I've grown and changed so much in the last year alone, and I can relate to what you're writing - even though you aren't going into too much detail. :)

And I'm with the first poster - do you have answers to those questions?