Sunday, August 11, 2013


The phrase " Naturality" has been going through my head as I work our land.  The garden flourishes with plant and bug, the soil teems with life.  Sometimes when I sprawl out on the grass, basking in the sunshine, I close my eyes and listen intently to every sound.  I hear the buzz, chirp, rustle, and flick, the creak, scurry and squirm of the natural world.

With each sound, I feel linked with creation, linked with the wonder of new seasons, of beginning again. 

Almost every morning, I put my face through a spider web.  It often happens when I lean forward to fill the bird feeder or to water my hanging baskets.  Sometimes it happens when I walk through the tree forest near the wild blackberry bushes. I usually utter a four letter word (tots!, of course) and shake it off. Part of me nearly squirms out of my skin.  And yet, another part of me expands with the wonder of a spider's work overnight. 

These moments are my Naturality, my spirituality lived through the abundance of creation, the flourishing of nature, handcrafted in Divine mystery.

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Mariana said...

You are back, mamamonk is back. I am so thrilled!