Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where does the time go?

It's been too long since I added a post. And for the life of me, I can't figure out where the days have gone. I woke up with Mastitis two mornings ago and have been feeling pretty crummy, but in many ways, that is no excuse, because writing usually makes me feel better. Our two little ones got ear infections and have not been their jolly selves. We've had a couple of sunny days that have pulled us outside, the laundry had been backed up and my husband helped me do load after load this week, visitors have made their way into our home and to our table, which has been a great blessing. I guess it's all just *life*. And suddenly, days pass in a flash and I realize this hard truth when I see the date at the top of my past post.

I am organizing a Blessingway today for my good friend and the midwife for my first child. She is having her third child, after experiencing a sorrowful miscarriage. A friend of mine organized one for me before Soul-baby's birth and I was immensely encouraged as I walked forward into the experience of birth once again. I hope my friend feels similarly encouraged today.

Last night, my husband made dinner (yummy tostadas) and we watched a documentary on Bob Dylan called No Direction Home, that we borrowed from our local library. It was a wild glimpse into the young life of an incredible poet and lyricist. He was a quirky individual with a lot of heart. I especially enjoyed the interviews with Joan Baez and others who knew him intimately. For Bob Dylan fans such as I, this is a "must see".

I guess I'm full of random "catching-up" thoughts this morning, hoping to get back on track. Part of the reason I love to blog is that it is a discipline to write regularly and this is something I long to grow in. It reveals my priorities in black-n-white. And as I visit other blogs, I am encouraged when I see busy moms keeping up with the part of blogging that balances their days and their souls. SO, keep visiting! I will bring out some fresh topics in the near future. And as always, feel free to comment as it encourages me when I know my words are being read.


elizabeth said...

blessings. you are read...

Andrea said...

Hi there, Mama Monk! :)

I can see you are a thoughtful mama, and that I like. I have read a few of your posts and have really enjoyed them, you and I are very similar. I love your book list on your "About Me" page.
A few months ago, after watching "No Direction Home", I got very interested in Bob Dylan and his life. (My husband *loves* him, I only like his new stuff) A good book to read is Chronicles part one by Bob Dylan himself. I thought it was interesting what an extremely creative man he is.
Also--my husband makes us tosados, too! I would be interested to see how he does it!!
Sorry about the mastitis--that's no fun. :( Coupled along with sick kids, too. I hope you are feeling better. Well, Im long winded, but I look forward to reading more!!

tyson and carolina said...

Hi Kelley,
I have also enjoyed reading your posts, as it gives me a glimpse into your life. I hope you are feeling happy and whole again soon! love, carolina

Rach said...

Let me encourage you to pen a few words every few days. Even if it's just a handful, by the end of the year you'll have not much short of a novel! And a record to boot.
At the same time, I know what you mean about just getting on with living! But I think I'm getting to know you well enough now to know that for you the writing is part of the living. So keep it up - coz I sure like to read it.
(hope that doesn't sound too bossy!!!!)

Mama Monk said...

Thank you for your encouraging and comforting words. As far as my Mastitis, I waited the 24 hours to see if it would improve and after a rapid progression of infection, I broke down and started on antibiotics. I'm feeling MUCH better now, thank you!

L.L. Barkat said...

I like your henna. When I got married, I had two ceremonies. One American and one of my spouse's culture... a henna ceremony! I still remember how my father almost fell off his chair when he saw me enter, hennaed and with a nose ring (it was clip-on, but he didn't know that!)