Monday, May 07, 2007

An Ordinary Day

I've been asked by friends what an "ordinary day" looks like in my life. And today felt like the kind of ordinary day I would like on a regular basis! So, I thought I would post about it.

My husband awoke at 4:45 am, like he does everyday (insanely disciplined man!!), and set the alarm for me: ( 6:00am). I stumbled around in the dark, rubbed my eyes, put on my green fluffy (furry? grass-like?) slippers and made a piece of toast and a mug of coffee.

I decided to have one goal for the day: get on top of laundry! I threw in a load right away and set my timer for30 minutes, so I would remember to transfer the clean clothes to the dryer. During the 30 minutes, I got dressed, read, made a fruit salad, boiled 4 eggs, set the table for breakfast and put away dishes in the dish drainer.

Then, I put in load #2. I set the timer again and made a quick sweep of the house: threw dirty laundry in the hamper, straightened the bathroom, and peeked at my calendar for the day.

The kids woke early (6:45) and Soul-baby had royally wet through his jammies, so I drew a warm bath and put them both in. I put on make-up and wrapped my mop of hair into a fun scarf while they washed and scrubbed. Ten minutes later, they were out and dressed and ready for the day. They played together for 15 minutes while I put breakfast on the table. Alley ran downstairs to fetch Bry from his office.

Breakfast came and went in a flash. Soul-baby was already whimpering and rubbing his eyes, ready for a morning nap. While he napped, I washed dishes and swept and Alley coloured and worked on her preschool book.

By now, the first load of laundry was washed and dried, so Alley and I folded and put it away. We played, read some books and prepped for lunch. Soul woke up, we fed him, tickled him, hugged and kissed him. We three, the kids and I, ran some errands around town. When we arrived home, the kids played on the swing while I unloaded the truck.

We had lunch together, washed up and transferred another load of laundry into the dryer. Alley helped me fold another finished load.

Soul ran around for 30 minutes and then began rubbing his eyes again, ready for nap #2!

With both kids in bed, I was free to work on a craft/sewing project I've had on my list. I did this an hour and then weeded my herb garden and part of my veggie garden. The kids needed cuddles, drinks of water, and another "tuck-in" somewhere in there, but then finally fell asleep for two hours.

I prepped dinner and put it in the oven. I finished another load of laundry, read for a little while. I was going cross-eyed from sleepiness, so I set the timer for 30 minutes and then laid down in the sunshine pouring through the window. It felt wonderful. The timer went off, the kids woke up a few minutes later and I set the table for dinner.

I set Alley up with a Berenstain Bear's DVD and Soul followed me around, grinning from ear-to-ear.

I put on my workout clothes, gave hugs and kisses all around and drove to the rec centre for a "Power Yoga" Class. During the 10-minute relaxation/breathing exercise at the end, I fell into a deep sleep. I made a mental note to go to bed earlier!

After the class, I changed into my clay-splattered overalls and drove to the gorgeous property where my pottery teacher lives. He has agreed to let a few of us use his studio over the summer. I spent 3 peaceful hours creating with clay with CBC playing in the background. Lovely.

It was a busy, full-to-bursting day. I wouldn't want every day to be as full. But is was wonderful as I climbed into be,d to know I had spent meaningful time with my maker, my husband, my children and myself.


Andrea said...

Sounds like a pretty "extra"-ordinary day! You do a lot!!
What time do you go to bed? I have been wanting to get up earlier to have that quiet time like you have, but I am thinking I need to go to bed earlier.

Mama Monk said...

Hi Andrea!
I try to be in bed by 10:30. When I do pottery, I go to the studio from 7-10 and am usually showered and in bed by 10:45...if I don't try to blog after...

My husband has a hankering for the "epic" and tends to do everything he does "BIG". This includes watching movies. He can never watch one, he has to watch two, back-to-back. So this week, we've had a few late nights, and I feel it, hence the naps!

By the way...tostadas! We should compare notes. My husband uses small corn tortillas that he crisps in the oven. He spreads each with mayo, refried beans, lettuce and thin strips of beef. he learned in Ecuador and insists that mayo is an essential ingredient. On his tostados is pretty much the only time i eat mayo. If he were not allergic to dairy, he would sprinkle some soft white cheese (like feta) on top.

How does you husband make them?

Thanks for the note.

Mama Monk said...

whoops, i mean mexico. he learned in mexico.