Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tea Cozeys and Pregnant Bellies

This past week felt overwhelming. We packed in too much up-and-outtime with not enough in-and-downtime. And I began to feel it in my body. I woke up with a headache, sore throat and cough mid-week. My energy felt low-low-low. And I have been on neutral, coasting through the days. This morning, my energy levels are rising up, and I am starting to feel out from under the heavy water. I need to remember to let my tank fill all the way up again before depleting it.

We have a lot on the go! I've been encouraged and supported by my church family to coordinate a MOPS(Mothers of Preschoolers) group at our parish. We will begin in October, so I will have the summer to prepare and a weekend away in late September to attend the MOPS conference in Florida. We had a couple of meetings this past week, and I spoke to our Women's ministry group on Saturday morning. There has been an enthusiastic and supportive response to my needs for establishing a leadership team. And it looks like some of the more difficult positions to fill (Preschool-age Childcare Leader and Discussion Group Leaders) are almost completely filled! And with women who are just as excited as I am. I am thankful.

I've been crocheting long, thin, stripped scarves and sewing tea cosys this week. I suppose I have needed the creative outlet to still and quiet my soul as life around me whirls with busyness.

This is the last week before we leave on a month-long roadtrip through the states. This will be our first long, camp-as-we-go trip as a young family. I've been planning on paper and gathering tips for traveling with two kids under 4. It has been more work than I first anticipated. We'd like to bring homebaked snacks along and buy most of our food at grocery stores with some eating out. I've been really busy this week gathering supplies and ingredients for cooking and baking and planning activities to keep miss precious-precocious occupied. I would love to hear some suggestions from the more experienced moms who might be reading this. Please feel free to share your traveling expertise!

My dear friend Meghan is near to having her third baby. We've kept the tradition of taking pregnancy photos of each other. This morning she arrived in her maternity finest with a Tim Horton's coffee (double double!) in hand. How did she know I had run out of coffee this morning?! We enjoyed our brew and then spent an hour in the yard, celebrating this coming child by capturing the final in-utero days on film. I included a couple at the top of this post.

This feels like a random post, in part because I have felt uncentered this week, and a bit random. sigh. I think this is the beginning of getting back where I can breathe the air again.


churchmouse said...

I'm impressed with your tea cozy! Do you use a pattern, or did you just make it up to fit your teapot? I'm inspired and thinking of some tea cozy ideas myself...

Jess said...

Hi! I want to thank you for the words of wisdom you left for me at Oh My. I am so glad to meet you and read your blog. Your children are beautiful. I will definatly be visiting again.

Rach said...

MM (I've gotta call you that even though I now know your name!!!!)

My main piece of advice for your road trip is ENJOY IT!!!!!!!
Have a blast, sieze the moment. I'm sure you will.

Practically speaking though.....don't try to do too much. I'm not sure how far you're travelling - and I realise it might be a looooong way - but try to take it slowly. If you have to travel all day, try to stop every two hours for at least 20 minutes to let the kids run around a park or climb trees or play at a playground.
I don't know if you're a "routine person" - but if you are, let it go while you're travelling. Let the kids nap when they're tired- don't count on them sleeping at naptime when you're driving - IME they stay awake *forever* and then fall asleep just as you arrive at your destination. Just go with the flow!
Sing songs, read books out loud, recite memory verses or poetry, play a simple version of "eye spy" ("I can see something green - can you gues what it is?" OR "I'm thinking of....")
Take lots of water and healthy snacks. Cloth wipes and a thermos of warm water for cleaning up accidents. Don't overpack. Have a few toys in a bag andahnd them out at various intervals. Play "Quiet as a mouse" (you see who can stay quiet for the longest!!!!! Our little oens often fall asleep if this game is timed well!)

Have a great time. I'm envious (not covetting-envious, pleased-for-you-envious!!!)

Mama Monk said...

hi churchmouse! thanks for reading and commenting. i don't use a pattern, just made it up as I went. I had an old wool sweater that I felted (washed on hot, dried on super hot) and cut into rounded half-circles to fit inside a sheet-like material. Then I cut and sewed the green piece. Great fun and easy!

Hi Jess! I was glad to read your comment. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.:)

Rach--Thank you for the great advice! We will be gone for one month, driving throught he states, camping lots, staying with friends and family some. We are EXCITED!!!! I think we will use a lot of your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

L.L. Barkat said...

What a marvelous maternity top! (Where were these things when I needed them?)

Anonymous said...

I love the cozy. We are very serious about our tea and our cozies around here :-)

The maternity photos are lovely. Wish I had looked that good carrying my third.

lisa said...

that wasn't supposed to be from anon. it's from me, lisa :-)