Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bungalow sweet Bungalow

We are home. After a month on the road, it felt good to unlock the door to our bungalow and reenter our daily life. I have spent three days doing laundry, cleaning out the car, checking messages, restocking the fridge and a hundred other little tasks of returning. I find myself decluttering as I return trip paraphenalia to their closets and their shelves.

Here are a few little corners that needed to be reorganized.

While we were away, my husband's brother (who was renting our basement suite) moved into his own place.
We are gradually expanding into the downstairs where I will have an office/schoolroom and a craft/art space! I am thrilled to have a little more room to spread my creative wings.

So much of our trip was about rediscovering: ourselves, eachother and our dreams as a family. My husband and I had leisurely time in which to relearn one another and to concentrate on the kids together. We had hours in the car to talk and reminisce, to dream and to reflect. We wove through old places we visited as children and built on memories as a family. And as we journeyed, we absorbed the beauty of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah and Idaho. What a gorgeous collision of created nature. Pictures to come!

It feels good to be blogging again. And in many ways, it's like starting to exercise after being relatively immobile for a time. I'm stretching my muscles again, getting ready to rebuild them. This is another beginning.


elizabeth said...

welcome home! and welcome back! nice to read a post from you again! :) looking forward to more :)

tamie said...

welcome home, kel. i love the photos of ordinary, orderly spaces.

Yalalteca said...

I'm so happy to read another post! Sounds like a much needed trip. What a blessing it was to see you!

Mama Monk said...

YElizabeth--Thank you! We are glad to be home and I am glad to reenter the discipline of blogging. I will check into your world. Thanks for checking into mine:).

Tam-- Thank you. I look forward to seeing you and sharind some of the ordinary places and spaces.

Yalateca-- Thank you for visiting. I spent a long while perusing your new blog-home! I am so thrilled to get glimpses into your world.