Sunday, June 03, 2007

Burnt Red Rocks

I am writing from the Redrock Country Inn in Kenab, Utah. We decided to settle into a hotel for 2 nights after 4 nights of camping. It was really nice to have a comfy bed last night after sleeping on rocky desert ground.

I realized this morning, that with all the stories and thoughts I want to write about, I might have to do an "along the road" stream of blog posts AFTER the fact. That way, I will have my pictures uploaded to my computer and can do more reflective blogs on the underbelly of the experiences we've had.

For now, I will describe our whereabouts. Kenab is flanked on it's north side by a range of exquisite red rock. The vast, windswept plains surrounding it and the endless horizon dramatizes the contrast: there's a burning mountain in the distance on a palette of clear blue.

Before this, we camped two nights at the Mormon Lake Double Springs National Forest Campground, just south of Flagstaff. We visited old haunts in Sedona and Flagstaff and met up with dear friends (Kira and David and Timber) for a picnic in Wheeler Park and a night viewing stars through the telescopes at Lowell Observatory. Alley loved it. We ALL loved it. I was flooded with nostalgia, as I watched Bry holding her up to look out the main telescope. It almost seemed like I was watching myself, held up by my own Dad. I have looked through that same scope countless times as a little girl. The observatory always felt magical to me and the wind seemed to always blow the perfect amount, through the vanilla-scented Ponderosa Pines.

From there we camped two nights at the Desertview Campground on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. More about that in a coming post. Yesterday, we explored the North Rim and last night, settled into the RedRock Country Inn in Kenab,Utah. For fun, Bry and I curled up in bed with Alley's portable DVD player and watched Curious George.

Today, we drive to Zion National Park to hike "the narrows", a beautiful hike through a narrow canyon. Part of the hike is through water. Last time I was in Zion, two hikers came through after a multiple day trek. They were exhausted, with sweat and mud-streaked foreheads, walking sticks, dusty boots. They looked up with tired smiles and one said "all I need is a steak and a bottle of red wine."

Bry and I hiked it on our honeymoon and today, are returning with our children. I am wonder-filled at this full circle.


Andrea said...

I love full circle events like that. LOVE it.
I also love the red rocks in Utah. I'm a little jealous you are there. :)
We're going to Utah in July, though northern Utah, not southern. :(
I'll have to get all the best hints for traveling from you there, now!

elizabeth said...

great to hear from you on your trip! praying for continued safe travels and God's blessings. will look forward to hearing more :)

Mama Monk said...

kierAndrea-- Hi :). Yes! I will gladly share whatever tips I can. We are pleased to be in Kenab, the central location to all the major parks in the area. It has proved to be a fantastic launching point. Will you be around Moab on your trek? One thing we have rediscovered is the need to refill water bottles every chance we get. This area is SO hot and dehydrating. We go through way more water than we think we'll need. AND the kids don't always know when they are getting dehydrated, so whenever I take a drink, I try to give them each a drink. What will your route be?

And Elizabeth--- thanks for following our trek. I hope all is well in your corner--

elizabeth said...

all is well thankyou. a quiet rainy day; i have just begun my new job and am greatful for God's provision... blessings on your travels!

Marco said...

Hiya Kelley, I finally found your blog (thanks to Cheryl). I'll be looking in regularly now. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Give Bryan a kiss from me. :)

AIMEE said...

full circle events so show the sovereign hand of God in our lives and it just encourages my heart at how intimate He knows our ways.
keep enjoying the journey!

L.L. Barkat said...

What a poignant moment, your child with the telescope. Just think, you are forming the moments now that your own children will someday look back on with fondness and longing.