Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Homeschool Room

I took a few more current pictures of our homeschool room and decided to share.I would still like to get my working area more organized and decluttered. But for now (and with our budget) it is working GREAT and I am thrilled to have a little "work" corner of my own. This is (again) the reading tree with a cozy corner chair.
My side of the room: office desk, white board and filing cabinet. My computer and phone will eventually move down here.
A few maps and chalkboard/whiteboard for the kids.
This is my little Soul-baby area. Alley dives it to play as well. But this is especially crucial for entertaining him while engaging in more concentration-heavy activities with Alley.


lisa said...

This is a beautiful space! Well done! I miss the days when the older boys (who are now in college) were small and we were able to have an entire room dedicated to home school. We've done several different things for education since then, depending on where we've been living, and we're back to home school with the younger two here in Tanzania. But I feel we're sort of doing it in a minimalist way that is not releasing any creative thinking in them. Hhhhmmm. I don't like that.

I was recently inspired by a dad who mentioned that while their daughter did all of high school at home during their years living in Russia, they held firmly to the belief that it all boils down to 2 important things: character development and reading with comprehension. They focused less of the minutia of detail (like dates for everything) and more on who she was, while also encouraging a love of reading that included high comprehension.

That was a nice reminder of what matters.

tamie, the tamie said...

what a beautiful space, kell! your children are incredibly blessed to have you as their mama.

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, wow! My homeschool room is the kitchen, complete with leftover dishes, a fridge covered in colorful Hebrew letters, and a stack of bills that needs attention. How lovely your room!

Nik said...

Do you happen to know where you got that book shelf? I am in the process of making a homeschool space for my daughter... and we have those half wall shelves too!! Make it hard to really put stuff there as they are NOT wide enough for much of anything! And the one piece of advice I have gotten on homeschooling is HAVE PLENTY OF BOOKSHELVES!