Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Poems

I have been impacted recently by these two poems and would like to share. I find them beautiful, beautiful. Enjoy with me...

A New Way of Struggling

To struggle used to be
To grab with both hands
and shake
and twist
and turn
and push
and shove and not give in

But wrest an answer from it all
As Jacob did a blessing.

But there is another way
To struggle with an issue, a question.

Simply to jump
into the abyss
and find ourselves
being led
slowly and gently
but surely

to the answers God has for us
to watch the answers unfold
before our eyes and still
to be a part of the unfolding.

But, oh! the trust necessary for this new way!
Not to be always reaching out for the old hand-holds.

(Susan W N Duack)

The Prayer of One Ready for Birth

God who creates something
out of nothing
Compassionate Shaper of Clay
Tiller of the Soil
Midwife God
I am ready to be born

I'm giving up the darkness
of the womb
I'm waiting for the life
that you alone can give.

A little light
slipped through a crack last night
and covered up my fears

A promise leaned against my heart
last night
and told me it was mine.

And you were in that promise LORD
And you were in the light.

It's enough to give me hope again
I'm giving up the night.

(Macrina Wiederkehr)


Suzanne said...

Thanks for these words...wonderful.

tyson and carolina said...

Beautiful indeed.
Thank you for that breath of air.
i am sad we could not see you and meet your kids! But please know that you are always welcome to our home in Cochabamba and we hope that someday you will take up that offer!
Much love to you, friend and i will continue to follow your blogs to see what you are up to.

Leanne said...


I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I've added your blog to my feeds. I'm a friend of Cherylynn's and she sent me here because she thought that I would enjoy your words. And the first post I read is this beautiful one. I recently wrote a post about feeling like Jacob - lying on a beach, breathless, wounded, waiting...

This poem speaks so clearly into my life right now. Thank you.

Feel free to visit my blog and read a little of my story, our journey.