Saturday, July 05, 2008

Body and Soul

The health of Body and Soul are incredibly intertwined.  My soul feels enlivened and refreshed when my body is well-cared for. 

A dear friend and I are doing Body-For-Life together. My husband and I did it last winter and I felt tremendous afterwards.  I had some extra Soul-baby weight to lose and was able to drop 30 pounds with the 12-week system!

And so, I begin again, with another 15 pounds that I would like to convert to lean muscle.  I am always amazed how incredible it feels to work out, to sweat and get my heart pumping from exercise.  The inertia before beginning is so hard to overcome, but when I do I feel so energized.

The system revolves around a 6 day/ week workout schedule that alternates between intensive cardio and weight training.  We are commited to 6 days a week and are having a blast!  It is so helpful to have a workout buddy.

We have just completed day 4 of going raw. I have an upcoming post about that with pictures of some of our raw meals. The main motivation is to provide some relief for my husband's intestinal issues.  We have been trying a lot of cleansing diets and dairy free/gluten free sorts of diets with no relief. So, we are hopeful that the Raw Diet will help to define the underlying issue for him.

Today I am thankful for:

7-friends I can count on for spiritual and practical support and sharing.
8-the delicious afternoon nap we all took on this rainy day
9-the chance to see my friend's new business downtown and to watch it grow for her.


elizabeth said...

glad to hear. :)

L.L. Barkat said...

The exercise sounds great!

I hope you don't mind my sharing, but going raw was actually very hard on my system. I ended up with problems I'd never had before, even digestion related (and I'd been vegetarian for years, so it wasn't that). It took me almost a year and a half to regain my equilibrium. My theory is that the raw food gave me too much sugar and created an imbalance of good bacteria. Just a theory. Sigh. I still eat a lot of raw food, but I eat a lot of cooked food too.

MamaMonk said...

Hi L. L. I appreciate your thoughts! I have actually noticed that I have some yeast imbalance symptons. thanks for the heads up! and thanks for visiting! I listened to some excerpts of your book today and I want to meet you. Someday...