Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time to Turn in

This picture is the view from a YURT bunk during our road trip last summer.  It was a beautiful night, especially once the stars came out.

It is night and I am returning late from a business event that went fantastically well!

I was ravenous when I walked in the door and wanted nothing but chocolate. But luckily, we are out of chocolate and I decided to stay Raw instead.

I just drank down a huge glass of Green Smoothie.  It was basically two handfuls of fresh spinach, two bananas, a tangerine and a few chunks of pineapple, some ice and water.  Yum! It was actually really good and extremely filling.

We are enjoying our raw food endeavor. However, a few times during the last week, we have been overcome with a desire to smell food cooking!  It's strange that on a raw food diet, you never really smell food.  Fruits and veggies have their natural scent, but there's nothing like cooking with spices and bubbling goodness.  We do miss it.

Bry laughed at us today. We were chop, chop, chopping away at fruits and veggies (cuz that's what you do on a Raw Food Diet!) and he said " We are so crazy!  We weren't even vegetarian and now we are Raw Vegan!  You'd think we would transition a little bit and go vegetarian first. Crazy!"

It's true; we are a little crazy.

It is late tonight and I need to awake early, so I will keep this post short.  

As I sleepily end the day, I am thankful for:

13-my husband's good-looking self, so easy to look at day in and day out.

14-the curl of my Soul-baby's hair, just at the nape of his neck.

15-the beauty of a dear friend's grad school accomplishment as a bonafide (publishable) poet.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Always refreshing to pause here for a moment. My day is calling, so you shall be my last blog-stop. Thanks for the "raw" update. I love to cook (and the aroma of cooking food is all part of it), but it is intriguing to think about RAW. I've tried some of Happy Foodies recipes and they are great (love the slaw!) ... but I'm not ready to turn off the burner ... yet. : )

Dawn said...

How's your raw diet going?And how about home schooling? When do you start that in Canada or do you not take the summers "off" with your kids? Just stopping by and hope you and yours are doing great!