Friday, April 27, 2007

Ginger Tea, Garlic and Kleenex

Our family has been hit with a few strains of yucky colds. They have lasted almost two weeks and we are ready to be healthy again!

I bought an 8-pack of Kleenex and we are on the last box. I am surrounded by mounds of used tissue. Even though I am a nurse and have dealt fine with more blood and bodily fluids than anyone would want to, I am still significantly grossed out by snot. And the kids have not learned how to blow their noses all that well. So, their bodies have to "blow" their noses by repeated sneezes. oh. wow. I am struggling to maintain composure in all of this.

The rain continues to fall in these parts. The dampness is keeping loads of people ill. All of our family friends have at least one child with a cold. We seemed out of the woods on the weekend, but on Monday, we started sneezing and coughing again.

So, I decided this morning that we are going to pull out the big guns against these colds. I have some isotonic mineral water, lemon-flavoured cod liver oil and an herb tinture from our naturopath. I have chopped garlic and boiled ginger and vitamin C. I have plain organic yogurt to replace some of the friendly bacteria that has been killed by antibiotics for Alley and Soul-Baby's ear infections a few weeks back. And we are going to get lots of rest!

Our dear friend Becca (and Alley's Godmother) has offered to stay with the kids today so Bryan and I can have a day hiking together. She is a nurse, so I feel certain she will take good care of the kids in their sneezy, snotty state. And maybe a little fresh air and a break from the nose-blowing will do me good. I've been feeling cabin-feverish, if you know what I mean.

So, we will bundle up and head off for a day outside. I am really looking forward to it.


lisa said...

I like the sound of your ginger tea. Here's how we make what we call "Healing Tea" when we have bad colds.

Put a bunch of outter skin from an onion in a saucepan of water. Place a few chunky slices of the actual onion in there too. Cut a lemon into quarters and sqeeze the juice in, then put the quarters, skin and all, in the water too. It's nice to grate a little of the lemon skin into the water as well. Slice up a clove of garlic and have that in there too.

Bring it to a boil, boil a couple of mins then let it steep for a good ten mins. Tastes AWFUL so we add as much honey as we want and then it tastes great :-)

Our Jesus-hippie friend Barbara always made this for us and we really believe in it. Her blog about community life in Portugal is great.

Natalie Bryant said...

Did you make this teapot in your pottery class? :)

Mama Monk said...

Thank you, Lisa, for the great tip. It DOES sound awful, but I believe it works. I think I just might try a brew tonight :).

I'll check out Barbara's blog!

Natalie, I WISH I could say that I made this tea pot. I found it at MCC thrift, along with a smaller matching teapot, creamer and sugar bowl.

I did get some of my pottery back this week and will do a post with some photos soon!

Anonymous said...

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