Sunday, April 15, 2007

God is With The Poor

(photos: WildHopeInternational Team)

My husband's aunt and uncle live in Africa with their 4 children. This is a picture of them shortly after their move to Arusha, Tanzania. They have started an amazing organization called Wild Hope International. This is a quote from their blog introduction:

"Wild Hope International is responding to issues of poverty, HIV/AIDS, poor education, lack of resources and spiritual hunger. We like micro-enterprise and dignity-producing methodology. We love seeing people become all God intended them to be. We're also interested in caring for and enjoying God's good Creation. Wild Hope is a faith-based, registered non-profit organization formed by a group of friends with long-term experience in Africa.
Wild Hope, P.O. Box 40576, Pasadena, CA, 91114"

They are an inspiring family with an incredible sense of adventure and a finger on the pulse of God. They live loud with obvious belief in the BIGNESS of God, that He CAN do all things.

One recent post from their blog includes a YouTube Clip of Bono's award-acceptance speech. I want to share it.


AIMEE said...

what cool family to have :)
i look forward to looking at the link to their organization...really awesome!

Rach said...

Thanks so much for sharing about your very special family. Our own family RIGHT NOW is looking for a way to spend a month or so in you think they are crazy enough to want us? ;-) Would there be anything we could do to serve?

Rach said...

Just popping back to say I've just spent the last half hour at WildHope!
I am encouraged and enthused.

Mama Monk said...

Peter and Tammy are some of the most hospitable people we know. AND some of the wildest/craziest... open to anything couples. So, there is a good chance they would be more than glad to have you. I know they often host groups of people, but I am not sure what sort of hands-on needs they have right now.

The only thing is that they are on furlough in California as I write. I'm not sure for how long. I have a hunch they will be returning to Africa in late summer. Feel free to contact them on their blog, or let me know what you think and I can pass on a phone number.


Rach said...

I left a probably-too-long comment on one fo their first blog posts...if they find it, it'll be a miracle!