Thursday, April 12, 2007

Serendipitous Garage Sale Find

Last Saturday, on the way home from the community Easter egg hunt, I stopped at a Garage Sale. I'm not sure what prompted me to stop, on Easter weekend, of all times!

But I'm so pleased with what I found! It's a foldable table made of Maple Hardwood flooring, identical to our own. The owner made it for his son who was living in an itty-bitty basement suite. He used it as a kitchen table.

We have struggled to know how to create more counter space in our kitchen without redoing the whole thing or at least adding a labour-intensive island. I think we have found the solution! Alley and I made muffins tonight on our new foldable table. And it worked wonderfully.


L.L. Barkat said...

And it happens to be lovely too! What kind of muffins?

tamie said...

cool table! i wish i had one!

AIMEE said...

awesome garage sale fits perfect there!

Sam said...

oh garage sale days. Summer's coming and so are they. Good find!

Mama Monk said...

We made strawberry muffins! They were delicious. I used the Blueberry Bounty Buns recipe from Vive Le Vegan and added fresh strawberries instead of blueberries.

Thanks! Keep your eyes open during garage sale season:).

Thanks! We think so too.

HEY! Thanks for visiting. I went over to your blog and it looks great! Sorry to hear about your VW. Sad. Very sad.

I look forward to some posts about SCOTLAND!

Calantha said...

Good words.